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Disposal of mortal remains is an ancient phenomenon. However, the way and manner in which dead bodies are disposed of differ from country to country and is also influenced by traditions and beliefs.

Some methods of disposal include earth burial or internment, cremation or consumption by fire, conservation or embalming, exposure to the open air, water burial and animal consumption.

In Ghana, earth burial, which is the practice of enclosing a corpse in a casket or coffin and placing it in a grave six feet deep together with attendant ceremonies, is the most popular.

With time, however, that popular practice appears to fast giving way to new phenomenon.

Information gathered by Weekend Finder indicates that cremation is the new burial of choice.

Cremation is that method of disposal of the dead by the rapid combustion of the corpse to ashes. The whole corpse thereafter is reduced to ash, which may be subsequently buried, stored in urns, kept in the house or disposed of in other ways.

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eschich lifeplanSALUTATIONS!!

I would like to share an experience with you. In March of 1996, I lost my only sister. In July of that same year, my elder brother died. In October, my mother in-law passed away. As I was not resident in Ghana that year, on each occasion, I had to fly in and find a mortuary to keep the body.

There were not many choices. Apart from injecting formalin into the tissues to preserve the cadavers for teaching medical students, there was no such thing as embalming the body. The day before the funeral, the family had to select a few relatives to go to the mortuary to bathe the body. Then we had to hire someone to come to dress the body before the wake keeping and all night vigil. Finally, arrangements had to be made to convey the body from the house to the cemetery. Securing a site and preparing the grave for the burial presented unexpected challenges. I was shocked to discover that burying a loved one in Accra was very much a “DO IT YOURSELF” affair without a manual. After the third time, I vowed never to go through all that again!!

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