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Ghanaians in the Diaspora.

In designing the ESICHLASHIBI FUNERAL PLAN, we took into consideration the particular and special needs of Ghanaians in the diaspora. Thousands of Ghanaians now live and work abroad in countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, etc. These fellow Ghanaians have not forgotten or abandoned the families they have left behind in Ghana. What if the next call from home was to announce the passing of a loved one- perhaps an elderly parent, a brother or sister or an in-law. How can they be sure that proper care is taken of the remains of their loved ones. Sending money to relatives back home seldom provides assurance and comfort that the right thing will be done. The ESICH LASHIBI FUNERAL PLAN guarantees piece of mind in knowing that the body of the loved one is being taken care of by Lashibi Funeral Homes, the top funeral services provider in Ghana today.

Our motto is Dignity to the Deceased and Comfort to the Bereaved. This is what we believe in and this is what informs everything we do. We handle all bodies entrusted to our care with the utmost respect, mindful of the fact that each body once housed the soul and spirit of a fellow human being. Our goal is to provide bereaved families with the most comprehensive and complete funeral services that meet all acceptable international standards.

We started off 15 years ago as a small operation in rather make- shift facilities. Today, our physical facilities are unmatched in Ghana. When our cemetery becomes operational later this year, we would be able to offer our clients all funeral-related services, including excellent facilities for custodial care, cremation, an inter-denominational Chapel, burial and final rites all on our premises at Lashibi.

As the first dedicated comprehensive funeral services provider in Ghana, we have had to set the standards for the funeral service industry. We were the first to employ the latest techniques and technologies for embalming in Ghana. Smartly dressed and well drilled pallbearers add solemnity and dignity to any funeral. The old rope or knotted cloth has given way to the lowering devices. The modern electronically controlled cremator has replaced the open-pyre at the Osu cemetery. These are some of the popular innovations Lashibi Funeral Homes has introduced during the past few years..

We receive and repatriate bodies from and to several countries such as South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America every week. We are therefore in a position to compare our performance with those of our international collaborators. We compare favourably.

But we are not complacent. We are constantly trying to improve our services through rigorous staff training, supervision and discipline in order to meet the highest expectations of our clients.

In many instances, we do exceed expectations. The thousands of Ghanaians and foreign dignitaries who filed past the body of our late President John Evans Atta Mills while he laid in state, were much impressed by how well his body had been preserved- so impressed that the word got around that technicians were flown in from abroad to do the job. The truth is that Lashibi Funeral Homes was entrusted with the honourable and patriotic responsibility of embalming and presenting the body of the late President.

We are proud and confident about what we do. We shall continue in our efforts to maintain the standards our clients have come to expect. Subscribers to the EsichLashibi Funeral Plan can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality of services and support at the time of need.

Dr. ANDREW A. ARKUTU, Managing Director, Lashibi Funeral Homes and Crematorium

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