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eschich lifeplanSALUTATIONS!!

I would like to share an experience with you. In March of 1996, I lost my only sister. In July of that same year, my elder brother died. In October, my mother in-law passed away. As I was not resident in Ghana that year, on each occasion, I had to fly in and find a mortuary to keep the body.

There were not many choices. Apart from injecting formalin into the tissues to preserve the cadavers for teaching medical students, there was no such thing as embalming the body. The day before the funeral, the family had to select a few relatives to go to the mortuary to bathe the body. Then we had to hire someone to come to dress the body before the wake keeping and all night vigil. Finally, arrangements had to be made to convey the body from the house to the cemetery. Securing a site and preparing the grave for the burial presented unexpected challenges. I was shocked to discover that burying a loved one in Accra was very much a “DO IT YOURSELF” affair without a manual. After the third time, I vowed never to go through all that again!!


I was particularly distressed to discover that in our public mortuaries, the bodies of the deceased were not handled with the respect and dignity that one would have expected. Alas, not much has changed since!! This is not meant to be a criticism of the staff in our public mortuaries. They do their best under extremely difficult conditions. But that awareness is of little comfort to the bereaved.

Before I proceed further, please allow me to express my appreciation and gratitude to Esich Life Assurance Company for selecting Lashibi Funeral Homes to be their partner in providing a unique funeral insurance package to address the needs, particularly, of young upwardly mobile people in our country. We are deeply honoured. On behalf of the Shareholders, the Chairperson and Board of Directors, Management and the Staff of Lashibi Funeral Homes and, on my own behalf, let me assure you that “we shall deliver your promises”

What does Lashibi Funeral Homes bring to the table? Quite simply, we offer our brand.

We are excited about the ESICHLASHIBI FUNERAL PLAN because it is unique. Other plans pay you an agreed sum of money on the death of the insured. This plan provides you with the actual services and support you need from the moment the person dies. It takes only one telephone call to Lashibi Funeral Homes to access or activate your claim. It is comforting to know that at the time of the death of your loved one, when you are overcome by grief and sorrow, professional help and support is only a telephone call away!!

Within the shortest time possible after receiving the call, Lashibi Funeral Homes will collect the body and transfer it to our mortuary, embalm it and preserve it under optimum conditions until the funeral. Once these key steps have been taken, there will be time enough to deal with other matters.

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